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Why Israel?
Israel is fairly considered one of the most beautiful and ambivalent countries of the world. Israeli medical services have always had the great demand among patients all over the world – seriously ill patients, patients with rare pathologies, and also among those who care about their health. Israel’s leading positions on the global medical service market are obtained due to successful practice in the most complex surgeries such as organs transplantation, neurosurgical interventions, as well as ophthalmologic, gastroenterologic, and cardiovascular surgeries.
Israel is a country of innovative technologies in the field of medicine: the most attention is paid to practical scientific researches and development of new medications and methods.

We offer medical treatment in Israel because:
  • Internationally acknowledged doctors work in Israel;
  • Medical treatment in Israel guarantees high quality services, individual approach, and confidentiality;
  • Israeli Government finances innovative medical researches and development of new medications, supports experimental medicine, and influences the society to maintain the high status of medicine;
  • Israel applies and develops nanotechnologies in different medical programs;
  • There is no language barrier in medical centers in Israel, doctors and medical personnel speak English;
  • Cost of high quality medical services in Israel is much lower than one of those in European and US clinics;
  • Israeli clinics are equipped with advanced medical facilities for carrying out all kinds of diagnostics and treatment for any patient;
  • Israel has five climatic zones which contribute to the rehabilitation process along with healing waters of the Dead Sea;
  • Due to high quality medical services, Israel has the third position of the life expectancy in the world – 82 years for women and 78 years for men.

In Israel, attention is paid to all medical spheres. Innovative methods of accurate diagnosis and medical treatment are available for patients with any disease.

Israeli medical centers have:
  • New modern MRI's with low level of radiation, high resolution, and additional image processing capabilities;
  • Modern altichambers for conducting treatment using hyperbaric oxygenation method;
  • Precise computer-based ultrasound scanners;
  • Fully equipped ER;
  • Qualitative surgical instruments, etc.;
  • Single or double rooms;
  • Rooms with video surveillance;
  • VIP rooms.

24-hour care and attention of experienced medical personnel is guaranteed for each patient. A personal nurse is assigned to critically ill patients. All patients of Israeli clinics have the complete menu, unless there are certain medical restrictions.
We work only with honored doctors of Israeli medicine, and that is why our clients have the best medical service.

About the company Medical tourism Why Israel VIP-services
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