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SPA in Israel

SPA Therapy program is based on thalassotherapy which renews mental and physical balance of the body. The natural resources of Israel are perfect for SPA procedures of any complexity.

SPA in Israel offers many various procedures focused on medical treatment, rejuvenation, whole body renewal, and nervous system strengthening. SPA tours to Israel include the following services:
  • Bathing (Dead Sea bathing, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, salt baths, thermal spring waters);
  • Saunas (steam baths, hydrosulfuric baths, classic Finnish saunas, ice caverns, bio saunas);
  • Fitness (backbone gymnastics, cardio workouts, muscle stretching, aerobic exercises);
  • Massage (body massage, facial massage, punctuate massage);
  • Stone Therapy (massage using different natural stones heated to certain degree);
  • Therapeutic Wraps (mud, warm, cold, chocolate, anti-cellulite, rejuvenating, and other kinds of therapeutic body wraps);
  • Alternative Methods (Ayurveda, reflexology);
  • Spiritual Practices (meditation, Yoga).
SPA tours to Israel hold the leading position among all international health resorts because it is a perfect place for a body’s health and youth recovery.

SPA services in Israel are represented by both large SPA hotels, as well as by small SPA boutiques.

Thermal springs in one of SPA Centers have waterfalls and swimming pools filled with hydro-sulfuric spring waters. Relaxation is also based on refreshing procedures: bathing in warm and cool water in swimming pool. Water filled with hydrosulfuric ions has a healing effect over the entire body.
SPA health resort is located in a beauty spot of Israel and is famous for its Roman Therms (baths). Water procedures based on ancient Roman treatment methods have an effective impact on the body. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by tasting Israeli or European cuisine. Using healthy products planted in non-polluted area for cooking will certainly improve your mood and will have a positive effect over the rehabilitation process.

Depending on the client’s requests, we may pick out an individual SPA program in Israel. SPA procedures are recommended to patients after plastic surgeries, complicated medical procedures, as well as to those who want to rejuvenate their body and restore their spiritual strength. Moreover, SPA resort is a perfect place for family vacation after a diagnostic program or a quiet retreat after hard working days.
The unique geographic location and healing water and air properties reveal Israel’s SPA potential. Israel gives rejuvenation and health to the body – so try the unique gifts of Israel’s nature.

About the company Medical tourism Why Israel VIP-services
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