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Childbirth in Israel

The birth of child is the happiest day in parents' life.
The modern Israeli medicine offers the complex programs of services for women of different age and with various risks of pregnancy including:
  • Prepatrimonial diagnostics;
  • Conducting deliveries;
  • Postnatal rehabilitation.

The prepatrimonial diagnostics include individual consultations, complex screening, and special courses for future mothers that fully prepare the woman for the birth process.

The qualified postnatal rehabilitation of mother and total medical screening of the child, consultation on a balanced diet and care for a newborn help the quick recovery.

Having competent and professional work of the personnel, using the advanced achievements of science and modern equipment, the childbirth in Israeli clinics goes under the strict control and with maximum safety concern of a mother and her child. (The concern does not depend on science achievements!!!)

About the company Medical tourism Why Israel VIP-services
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