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How We Work

You can be confident that:

1. You receive an accurately planned medical service package and be provided with with the best combination of price and quality. Due to partnership with clinics and particular doctors in Israel we are able to achieve consistently fair prices for our clients.

2. We guarantee our clients high standards of medical services because we work with best Israeli medical institutions and leading and internationally acknowledged and qualified doctors.

3. We develop an individual program of treatment, plan a stay for each patient, and make every effort so that our clients receive the expert medical treatment in shortest time possible. A personal medical consultant from our Company, who speaks the client’s native language, will assist you during the entire period of treatment and will help you in solving various issues so that you don’t have to worry.

4. We also provide services which are not offered by clinics:
  • translation of medical records, before and after the treatment, into the client's native language;
  • support and assistance by the company’s medical employees in clinics concerning any issues;
  • correctly planned and scheduled medical treatment;
  • delivery of necessary dietetic products;
  • support after returning to the home country;
  • delivery of medications to any place and much more.
VIP Services:
  • meeting at a plane gangway,
  • business class car, 

  • presidential apartments,
  • personal assistant, 

  • catering from best Tel-Aviv chefs, 

  • VIP shopping, 

  • reservations at restaurants and clubs, 

  • reservations at sports and entertainment centers, 

  • sailing luxurious yachts across the Mediterranean Sea,
  • guided tours, and much more.
We are justifiably proud for keeping in strict confidence any personal information of our clients, as well as of their families and relatives. All medical information and records collected by us is needed for selecting the right health care institution and the most suitable scheme of treatment.

We do not share the information with any third parties without your permission.

About the company Medical tourism Why Israel VIP-services
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